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Hi there!

My name is Sydney and I aspire to be your go to person when it comes to travel tips, entertainment, and content creation. I enjoy sharing the many things that I do and look forward to getting myself into unplanned, yet somewhat manifested adventures ahead. Whether it be my travel blog, videos, or the other content I create, I believe there is something of value for anyone - just find what you fancy! :) 

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My Story

Growing up in a town just North of Detroit, Michigan I enjoyed my childhood engaging in many sports activities, but primarily focusing in on hockey and golf. After going to a Minnesota High School to follow my aspirations of one day becoming a professional athlete, I continued to live the dream and played D1 golf for Northern Illinois University on scholarship for 4 years. Once those fours year completed, I have since taken a pause on pursuing any professional career and instead took a path where my skills, experiences, and my NIU education led me to an amazing software company (AND TEAM). What a 5 years it's been. 


As we take another glimpse back in the past, a series of unfortunate events occurred fresh into the year of 2020. One of the major events included losing my Gramps to which this site is dedicated to. After losing him and only left with my thoughts through the many lockdowns which felt like eternity, I created this site and began to find joy again.  


With this site, I aim to inspire you with my travel by offering my experiences, tips, and recommendations. Before I go ANYWHERE, you can find me completely immersed in an internet rabbit hole uncovering the best places to see, dine, or activities to do - which is what I am trying to eliminate for you. 


Thanks again for your support on the many things I get myself into. I’m excited to share it with you.

Much love, 


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