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Good Ol PoHo - My 3 Fave Places

My hometown: Port Huron, Michigan

Hometowns are full of incredibly nostalgic things. The memories, places, smells have a way of bringing you back in time to the moment of that experience - whether it be good or bad. After spending about a year and a half back in PoHo, I’ve moved away once again on another uncharted adventure across the U.S. With the city in the rearview mirror and feeling grateful for what it has provided me, I feel the urge to share some of its amazing attributes.

If ever in Port Huron or as we like to call it PoHo, PLEASE go visit at least one of the following:

Fort Gratiot (Grass-s-hit.. not Grat-e-ott lol) Lighthouse

  • After reviving my love of videography, I met a friend/mentor here who suggested we take our drones out for a spin. It only took a few moments of flying to know I would become a regular here. Not only was it challenging on the videography side of things to film, but being along side the beach and Blue Water Bridge *chef's kiss*.

  • Some history for you - Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is Michigan’s oldest lighthouse. It’s near one of the busiest waterways in the world and from here, you can see the St. Clair River, Point Edward, Ontario Canada and (my favorite great lake) Lake Huron

Blue Water Bridge

  • Growing up, my parents would take my brother and I to the Dairy Queen nearby then drive under the bridge to enjoy our tasty treats. We would take our time watching the freighters go by, wave to our Canadian neighbors, and admire the casino lights across the river. In short, the Blue Water Bridge is my center of the universe. It's where I grew up! I have great memories of my dad and gramps, and it's always been a space of clarity when making life altering decisions. I miss my gramps dearly and swear I can feel his presence there with me while there lifting me up and encouraging my curious mind. On a lighter note, my dad proposed to my mom under the bridge - so I somewhat owe it to this place for my existence.

Photo Cred: Gramps <3

Chicken in the Rough.. AKA Palms Krystals Bar

  • MY GOD, do I love fried chicken!!! Chicken in the Rough sits alone next to a stoplight on the MainStreet to downtown. When you walk inside, it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 80s and to be honest, I really don’t think it has. While there, please either get the fried cod, or my favorite... the two piece chicken dinner. You’ll get two pieces of the best fried chicken (or cod) you’ll ever have, a side of homemade fries, incredible coleslaw that I crave everyday, and a warm bun with butter. If you delivered this at my doorstep right this second, you would be a gift from God.

I hope you enjoyed my hometown faves!! If/when you visit - let me know what you think!!

Much love,


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