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Deep Sea Fishing: Surviving 16 Hours At Sea

The dream of deep sea fishing began after going out on a boat in Miami and catching my first Dorado (Mahi-Mahi)! Ever since then, I’ve been hooked (get it?) and have dreamed about my return to the ocean.

Fast forward many years of manifesting and disgustingly amounts of Wicked Tuna episodes, I finally got my chance to hop on the boat, Topless II. (I highly recommend them)

From the moment I found out this fishing trip was a go, I began scouring the internet for all of the “how tos” of surviving 12-16 hours isolated on a flotation device. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much luck in finding the resources that best suit my needs. So I’m here to help.

Here is how I survived 16 hours on a boat:

Prior to getting on the boat*

  • Chugged a bottle of water + took my ginger dramamine as soon as my eyes opened

  • Applied Sunscreen (even if it was 4 am)

  • Got dressed for the sun: bathing suit, long sleeve (SPF) shirt, light sweatshirt, shorts, buff, and hat

  • Ate a light snack

  • Prepared my backpack with snacks, my devices I had out charging during the night (GoPro and IPhone), sunscreen, peppermint gum/mints

  • Grabbed my GoPro and Iphone USB cord

  • Drank a generous amount of a Pedialyte type drink

  • Filled up my water bottle for the boat

Tips while on the boat*

  • Establish your seat. If available, beanbags are really nice and offer a nice spot for a snooze

  • Store your bag, snacks, and drinks in a safe spot (out of the sun obviously)

  • Prepare GoPro settings in advance and put in an easily accessible place to catch those once in a lifetime moments

  • Get some tunes going! If playing off your own device - I recommend downloading tons of music (remember, no service) and creating MULTIPLE playlists. You don’t really want to put your hands up after the 7th time of hearing “Party In The USA”

  • Make an effort to take breaks from the sun and sit in the shade

  • Take a nap!

  • Encourage those around you to a healthy push-up competition when things get dull

  • Take in the beautiful scenery and embrace the day

  • Ask Questions


You Got A Marlin On!! Now What?*

I was fortunate enough to reel in a beautiful Marlin after participating in the FIGHT OF MY LIFE!! Per fishing rules and regulations, once I touched the reel it was completely up to me to bring in this fish.

* Topless II Info: Fish TFC: Home | Facebook Page: Fishing Adventures On Topless II

The tips below seem like common sense, but when faced with a monster on the other side of the line, it’s possible to draw a blank like I did.

  • Don’t PANIC!! Let the fish take out the line


  • Take breaks when you are able, breathe

  • Pull up, reel down - create a count pattern and stay consistent (marathon not sprint mentality)

  • Have someone pour water on you to cool off

Was this helpful? Would you recommend preparing in any other way?


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