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24 Hours in Ireland: St. Patrick's Day

*Only photo I had from Ireland on my phone

Picture this: You’re planning a trip to Europe and you happen to realize St. Patrick’s day falls within the time you’re on that side of the pond. Do you make the extreme effort of planning a 24 hour trip or let this opportunity slip away?

Well, I’ll tell you. The effort was made and I couldn't have been happier with the results. I may have been extremely fatigued, sick, and entirely exhausted from Tomorrowland Winter - but I was in it to win it.

Only after leaving Tomorrowland Winter, hopping on long bus ride to the airport, hitting four countries in a single day, and arriving after midnight (so St. Patrick’s Day) did the feeling of extreme regret sink in. The feeling was so strong I had mentally decided I was willing to sleep through this day.

The morning was brutal, absolutely brutal - but I gathered myself together and prepared for the day ahead. I felt like I was only able to function at 50% capacity - but then I walked to the center of all the St. Patrick’s day festivities and my adrenaline brought me back to life.

The streets and air were filled with excitement, green, and music. The rest of my day consisted of exploring bars, restaurants, meetings new people, and doing my best to understand Irish sayings. It took 5 minutes of me genuinely trying to understand what sounded like “coo-a-tha-loo” which said slowly is “que at the loo” which to me means “there’s a line at the restroom”

Photo Cred to my friend PJ who actually took photos while in Ireland, unlike myself

Prior to this unforgettable day, I was under the impression my time was better spent coming back to Chicago (where I lived at the time) due to a rumor the day was not as celebrated as it is in the States.

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong whichever route you decide to take... But for me, Ireland takes the cake and I cannot wait for my next opportunity to go back.

Here are the locations I noted in my phone during my 24 hours there:

  • Hotel: Iveagh Garden Hotel - I have never felt more safe and comfortable at a hotel in my life. They took extremely care of us while arriving and leaving the hotel. They went as far as verifying the driver they scheduled before we walked out of the hotel to get in the car.

  • Gerry’s Coffee Shop: a very nice, small, local, breakfast place

  • Temple Bar: A MUST Go. It’s extremely busy because it's known bar to visit, but that was my favorite place to be. The live music was incredible!

  • Huck’s: Last bar I went to before heading back to the hotel. Great cover artist, I would have stayed til close if I could.

  • Aran Sweater Market: Looking to bring back gifts for the fam? Authentic Irish sweaters are gorgeous. It’s also a nice little shop to learn about the various knit patterns and their individual history.

Have you been to Ireland on St. Patrick's Day? How was your experience?


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