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The First Step in My New Journey

Welcome, welcome. You've made it this far through my site so I appreciate the support.

As all of us have experienced 2020 together, I think it's fair to say this year has been life altering for many folks, if not everyone. With tons of time to pause and reflect during quarantine, I'd like to believe this has been the best thing for me. Not only has this time allowed me to rediscover what makes me happy - challenging myself to 2000 piece puzzles, a Rubix cube, or Arduino Student Kit - it's led me back to my ultimate passion of videography.

Through this site, I aim to inspire travel by offering my experiences, tips, and recommendations. Before I go ANYWHERE, you can find me completely immersed in an internet rabbit hole uncovering the best places to see, dine, or activities to do - which is what I am trying to eliminate for you. Did I also mention the aesthetically pleasing content?

Thanks again for your support as I take the first step in my new journey! I’m excited to see where it will lead me.


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